Research on Network Public Opinion Dissemination and Risk Management in the Blockchain Environment

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With the popularity of the Internet and the rapid rise of self-media, the dissemination of information has broken the limits of time and space, resulting in any event that may trigger an online public opinion crisis. The management of online public opinion has become an important part of the work of government departments and various enterprises, and how to respond to and deal with crises caused by online public opinion has accordingly become a key challenge at present. In this paper, the characteristics of block chain technology and online public opinion are firstly reviewed. Then, the process of risk management is analysed, and the mechanism of the spread of online public opinion in the blockchain environment is analysed. Then, a resilient risk management model of online public opinion based on smart contracts is constructed and a risk management strategy for online public opinion is proposed, which is hoped to be of some guidance to online public opinion management.

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Proceedings - 2021 International Conference on Management Science and Software Engineering, ICMSSE 2021

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