A New Approach of e-Commerce Web Design for Accessibility based on Game Accessibility in Chinese Market

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China is the largest e-commerce market globally, with a share of more than 40% of the total value of e-commerce transactions in the world, down from just 1% a decade ago. The Chinese are the most used electronic payment, ordering services, and watching videos on smart devices worldwide. The study of ecommerce is one of the branches of business administration established electronically through the use of Internet networks, which aim to carry out buying and selling operations. With the popularity of e-commerce, people from more and more backgrounds are using e-commerce websites and apps, but among these users, some people are unable to use these apps/websites or have barriers to use them. Accessibility design enables anyone (regardless of ability, for example, Color-blind) to successfully navigate, understand and use some applications. The accessibility design is widely used in video games, which can give guidance to the e-commerce accessibility design. This study will analyze five well-known e-commerce websites worldwide and the consumption habits of people with barriers to use from the perspective of accessible design to suggest two new concepts of accessible design methods based on game accessibility and web accessibility to make these e-commerce websites/apps more suitable with the user habits of the particular group.

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International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications

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