Kean Quest Graduate

About This Journal

Welcome to Kean Quest Graduate: A Transdisciplinary Journal of Research for Graduate Students

Kean University supports the research and creative pursuits of all graduate students and graduate faculty. Kean Quest Graduate is a scholarly and creatively oriented, open access journal featuring the work of graduate students at Kean University published under the auspices of the Nancy Thompson Learning Commons. Kean Quest Graduate's mission is to further the academic and professional development of graduate students through:

1) disseminating the research and creative projects of Kean graduate students;

2) providing graduate students with an experience of publishing in academic and scholarly journals;

3) and through providing an opportunity to serve on an editorial board of an academic publication.

Kean Quest Graduate features several types of articles to provide opportunities to diverse projects. Kean Quest Graduate publishes projects from all disciplines of study at both the Doctoral and Masters levels. In addition, Kean Quest Graduate includes book reviews and features artwork of Kean students on the cover of each issue. The publication is managed by graduate students and produced for a broad audience.