Kean Quest


  • Kean Quest accepts submissions on an ongoing basis via an online submission form. Email keanquest@kean.edu to learn more. 

  • Kean Quest responds to each individual submitter with updates that are pertinent to the status of their submission. 

  • Students can check on the status of their submission by emailing keanquest@kean.edu. 

  • Submissions are reviewed by a small reviewer pool that carefully assesses work for accuracy, use of current scholarship, language, punctuation, and formatting per discipline. 

  • All names and identifying information are removed from submissions before assessment begins in order to ensure fairness. 

  • Once a submitter receives suggested edits, they are to make all corrections and make an appointment with Writing Services for a final review session. 

  • After both steps have been completed, a submitter is then asked to email or reupload the work to the Kean Quest submission form.