Kean Quest


Nutrition education theories support the use of videos to help individuals take steps towards changing their behavior. The purpose of NOURISH (Nutrition Outreach to Undergrads in Sports Science and Health Professions) is to develop a multimedia, theory-based nutrition website for students preparing for careers in medicine and sports science. Research has shown that nutrition knowledge and resources are often limited for students pursuing careers in sports medicine or medicine. NOURISH was a collaboration with Kean University’s graphic design team to develop interactive review questions and a brief video to help students learn about pre-exercise hydration guidelines using the multimedia learning theory and the social cognitive theory.

A short questionnaire was sent to faculty members to provide a formative evaluation of the usefulness of the video and website content. Faculty members (n=5) reported that the video would be helpful in facilitating student understanding of pre-exercise hydration guidelines, that the knowledge questions were very helpful in reviewing content and that the logo and colors would be helpful in capturing viewer attention. Based on this feedback, additional edits were made to improve video clarity, as well as to update the logo and colors for future pilot testing. Developing theory-based, multi-media nutrition education tools may be an effective strategy for providing university faculty with resources that are perceived as likely to capture the attention of students and improve retention of nutrition content.