Kean Quest


Some amount of previous research has suggested that chocolate-based drinks are very effective post-exercise recovery beverages. The fluid, electrolyte, protein and carbohydrate content of chocolate milk has been credited with possibly providing this benefit. Antioxidants perhaps contribute to post exercise recovery. Flavonoids, also naturally occurring phytochemicals in cocoa, the chief ingredient in chocolate, may be capable of providing antioxidant benefits. Using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and colorimetry, the present research involved examining the presence of flavonoids (particularly catechin) in seven chocolate-based milk drinks, as they may serve some importance regarding post-exercise recovery. A similar protocol (which basically involved defatting samples, performing a colorimetric assay and an HPLC) was treated to all samples. The colorimetric protocol was helpful in quantifying the flavonoids that may exist in 3 samples (“Chocolate Lowfat Milk,” “Unsweetened Chocolate Almondmilk,” and “Chocolate Protein Shake” in µg/mL). The presence of catechin in these samples could not be definitively confirmed, since at its retention times (13 to 14 minutes), the peak did not appear or were very inconspicuous. The rest of the samples did not show the expected end-point pink color change during the colorimetry, and no peaks at the retention times of concern during the HPLC.

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