Kean Quest


This paper will discuss female pedophiles, rapists, and sex offenders, also known as female sex criminals, the double standards, of how they are viewed in the criminal justice system, how the medical fields view them, the psychological effects of their actions on their victims, and how the public views them. Unlike male pedophiles, rapists, and sex offenders of that gender; female pedophiles are not as readily identified as male pedophiles. Since female sex criminals do not always conform and fit the stereotypes that are more commonly found in male sex criminals, it is much more difficult for authorities to detain them. The gender stereotypes that influence the disbelief that a female can be convicted of a sex crime, lessens the possibility and seriousness of reports of their crimes. The added possibility that both male and female victims of female sex criminals are less likely to report their victimization at the hands of a female abuser adds to this difficultly.