Submissions from 2023

The influence of variable-heavy chain families on IgG2, 3, 4, FcγRs and B-cell superantigens protein G and L binding using biolayer interferometry, Anthony M. Deacy and Samuel Ken En Gan

Competition and Innovation in Markets for Technology, Jean Etienne de Bettignies, Hua Fang Liu, David T. Robinson, and Bulat Gainullin

Novel hybrid evolutionary algorithm for bi-objective optimization problems, Omar Dib

Three-Phase Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for the Bi-Objective Travelling Salesman Problem, Omar Dib

Synthesis of Lactosyl Conjugated 6A, 6D-Bifunctionalized b -Cyclodextrin Derivatives as Potential Liver Cancer Drug Carriers, Yili Ding, Jiehua Nie, Charles Ding, and Zhe Xu

Improvement of solubility and pharmacokinetic profile of hepatoprotector icariin through complexation with HP-γ-cyclodextrin, Yili Ding, Bo Yu, Shuzhen Zhou, Charles Ding, Zhiyuan Zhang, Shufeng Xu, and Zhe Xu

The impact of government subsidies on the innovation of new energy vehicle companies, Zhilin Ding and Jianing Zhang

Harnessing the Potential of Non-Apoptotic Cell Death Processes in the Treatment of Drug-Resistant Melanoma, Linyinxue Dong, Ceeane Paul Dagoc Vargas, Xuechen Tian, Xiayu Chu, Chenqi Yin, Aloysius Wong, and Yixin Yang

Germ Granule Evolution Provides Mechanistic Insight into Drosophila Germline Development, Dominique A. Doyle, Florencia N. Burian, Benjamin Aharoni, Annabelle J. Klinder, Melissa M. Menzel, Gerard Carlo C. Nifras, Ahad L. Shabazz-Henry, Bianca Ulrich Palma, Gisselle A. Hidalgo, Christopher J. Sottolano, Bianca M. Ortega, and Matthew G. Niepielko

Comments on “Detecting the research trends and evolution of energy resilience: a bibliometric analysis” by Yu et al. (, Carlo Drago and Andrea Gatto

Gauging energy poverty in developing countries with a composite metric of electricity access, Carlo Drago and Andrea Gatto

Measuring energy poverty and energy vulnerability, Carlo Drago and Andrea Gatto

Telemedicine as technoinnovation to tackle COVID-19: A bibliometric analysis, Carlo Drago, Andrea Gatto, and Matteo Ruggeri

Closed-End Fund Discounts and Economic Policy Uncertainty, Nazif Durmaz

Turkish coffee bean imports: asymmetric exchange rate pass-through analysis, Nazif Durmaz and Shuzhe Zheng

William Cowper's Wokeness, Daniel Dyer

Income smoothing and firm value: the moderating role of foreign ownership, Saule Dyussembina, Kunsu Park, and Young Mok Choi

Associations of animal source foods, cardiovascular disease history, and health behaviors from the national health and nutrition examination survey: 2013–2016, Adam Eckart, Amir Bhochhibhoya, James Stavitz, Pragya Sharma Ghimire, and Kathleen Mathieson

Quadrupedal Movement Training: A Brief Review and Practical Guide, Adam C. Eckart

“Do the Best You Can with Resources You Have to Offer”: Community stakeholder views on supporting immigrant families, Nicole Megan Edwards, Zeynep Isik-Ercan, Huan Tang Lu, Madjiguene Fall, and Latifa Sebti

COVID-19 non-death loss and acceptance coping: A 3-wave cross-lagged panel analysis, Alexander Scott English, Junjie Sun, Shuhong Xu, Lu Zheng, Qionghan Zhang, and Thomas Talhelm

Cultural traits or social norms? Both responsibilism and norms linked to accepting COVID-19 vaccine, Alexander S. English, Shuang Wang, Qionghan Zhang, and Thomas Talhelm

“Trans~Resistance”: Translingual Literacies as Resistance to Epistemic Racism and Raciolinguistic Discourses in Schools, Madjiguene Salma Bah Fall

Chinese stock market volatility and herding behavior asymmetry during the COVID-19 pandemic, Fan Fei and Jianing Zhang

Introduction to the SI “Advances in operations research and machine learning focused on pandemic dynamics”, Massimiliano Ferrara, Ali Ahmadian, Soheil Salashour, and Bruno Antonio Pansera

Learning to Use Research Evidence: The Case of the Education Doctorate, William A. Firestone, Karen Seashore Louis, Andrew S. Leland, and Jill Alexa Perry

A Call to Arms for Professional Sustainability and Practitioner’s Mental Health, Zahava L. Friedman and Caylee Banta

Building Better Teams: Impact of Education And Coaching Intervention on Interprofessional Collaboration Between Teachers and Occupational Therapists in Schools, Zahava L. Friedman, Kurt Hubbard, and Francine Seruya

Has the time come for Heutagogy? Supporting neurodivergent learners in higher education, Zahava L. Friedman and Denise Nash-Luckenbach

Siloed vs. Interprofessional approach: Speech language pathologists' and occupational therapists’ perspectives on comorbidity of childhood apraxia of speech and sensory processing disorder, Zahava L. Friedman and Kate Nealon

Constructing belonging through sonic composition, Chris Friend

Is teacher violence a form of betrayal trauma? Relationship with mental health problems among young adults, Hong Wang Fung, Chin Wen Cong, Chee Seng Tan, Guangzhe Frank Yuan, Caimeng Liu, Kyle Langjie He, Suet Lin Hung, and Vincent Wan Ping Lee

IBM Stock Forecast Using LSTM, GRU, Attention and Transformer Models, Sihan Fu, Zining Tang, and Jialin Li

Computational Modeling of Human Serum Albumin Binding of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Employing QSAR, Read-Across, and Docking, Andrea Gallagher, Supratik Kar, and Maria S. Sepúlveda

Religiosity, Theism, Perceived Social Support, Resilience, and Well-Being of University Undergraduate Students in Singapore during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Samuel Ken En Gan, Sibyl Weang Yi Wong, and Peng De Jiao

Robot based Transurethral Bladder Tumor Resection with automatic detection of tumor cells, Vicente García Díaz, R. Dinesh Jackson Samuel, Adhiyaman Manickam, Vijayalakshmi Saravanan, Ashish Kr Luhach, and Sujatha Krishnamoorthy

Regular" CS × Inclusive Design = Smarter Students and Greater Diversity, Rosalinda Garcia, Patricia Morreale, Lara Letaw, Amreeta Chatterjee, Pankati Patel, Sarah Yang, Isaac Tijerina Escobar, Geraldine Jimena Noa, and Margaret Burnett

Sensory Preferences of Adults with Substance Use Disorder: Do They Correspond with Substance of Choice?, Jennifer Gardner, Robert H. Kitzinger, Maya Bundesen-Magier, Kerri Abdallah, Manny Cervantes, and Alexa Rae Armada

Sleep is something, not nothing: an interprofessional approach to sleep assessment and treatment to support substance use recovery, Jennifer Gardner, Margaret Swarbrick, and Robert H. Kitzinger

Resignation and Resilience: Bridging Effective Teaching to the Impacts of Complex and Layered School Culture, Mary Afra Garofalo and Matthew James Graziano

Can renewable energy microfinance promote financial inclusion and empower the vulnerable?, Andrea Gatto

Quantifying management efficiency of energy recovery from waste for the circular economy transition in Europe, Andrea Gatto

On energy resilience and energy vulnerability measurement, Andrea Gatto and Carlo Drago

Energy transition in China: Assessing progress in sustainable development and resilience directions, Andrea Gatto, Carlo Drago, Demetrio Panarello, and Luigi Aldieri

On the Frontline—A bibliometric Study on Sustainability, Development, Coronaviruses, and COVID-19, Andrea Gatto, Carlo Drago, and Matteo Ruggeri

Towards more robust energy policy metrics: Proposing a dashboard and blueprint to tackle complexity, Andrea Gatto, Tommaso Luzzati, and Carlo Drago

People have the power. Electricity production, renewable energy transition, and communities empowerment across 11 Nordic-Baltic countries, Andrea Gatto and Elkhan Richard Sadik-Zada

Deep-sea fisheries as resilient bioeconomic systems for food and nutrition security and sustainable development, Andrea Gatto, Elkhan Richard Sadik-Zada, Sürmeya Özbek, Huong Kieu, and Nhat Thanh Nguyen Huynh

Psychology Doctoral Students’ Self-Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Relationships Among Satisfaction With Life, Stress Levels, and Self-Compassion, Marissa R. Geary, Kendahl M. Shortway, Donald R. Marks, and Jennifer Block-Lerner

Assessment of Fungal Succession in Decomposing Swine Carcasses (Sus scrofa L.) Using DNA Metabarcoding, M. Denise Gemmellaro, Nicholas Steven Lorusso, Rachel Domke, Kristina M. Kovalska, Ayesha Hashim, Maria Arevalo Mojica, Amanda Joy O’Connor, Urvi Patel, Olivia Pate, Gloria Raise, and Maria Shumskaya

The use of lexical semantics for processing face-masked speech in monolinguals and bilinguals, Iyad Ghanim and Aida Perovic

The use of environmental exposure chambers in studies related to ocular surface effects, Alina Gherasim and Leonard Bielory

Prospect theory and a manager's decision to trade a blind principal bid basket, Christos I. Giannikos, Andreas Kakolyris, and Tin Shan Suen

Expulsion from Community Childcare Centers During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Review of One State’s Practices, Keri Giordano, Eileen McKeating, Debbie Chung, and Victoria Garcia

An Examination of Suspension & Expulsion in Community Childcare Centers Two Years into the COVID-19 Pandemic, Keri Giordano, Eileen McKeating, Diana Hoffstein-Rahmey, and Kai Primus-Dawson

Biochar Enhances Soil Resource Availability and Suppresses Microbial Metabolism Genes in the Rhizosphere of Wheat, Xin Gong, Sixian Li, Zelu Wu, Yousef Alhaj Hamoud, Hiba Shaghaleh, Yusef Kianpoor Kalkhajeh, Chenxiao Si, Lin Zhu, and Chao Ma

An interdisciplinary framework for navigating social–climatic tipping points, Sonia Graham, Melanie Wary, Fulvia Calcagni, Mercè Cisneros, Claudia de Luca, Santiago Gorostiza, Ola Stedje Hanserud, Giorgos Kallis, Panagiota Kotsila, Sina Leipold, Jagoba Malumbres-Olarte, Tristan Partridge, Anna Petit-Boix, Anke Schaffartzik, Galia Shokry, Sergio Tirado-Herrero, Jeroen van den Bergh, and Patrizia Ziveri

Unveiling abrocitinib: A thorough examination of the 2022 USFDA-approved treatment for atopic dermatitis (AD), Daniela Bermeo Grajales, Nermala Sewdat, Ryan Leo, and Supratik Kar

After the Storm: Natural Disasters and Bank Solvency, Dieter Gramlich, Thomas Walker, Yunfei Zhao, and Mohammad Bitar

Religion and episodic volunteering, Henrietta Grönlund, Ram A. Cnaan, Chulhee Kang, Naoto Yamauchi, Sara Compion, and Jacqueline Butcher

From Wavelet Analysis to Fractional Calculus: A Review, Emanuel Guariglia, Rodrigo C. Guido, and Gabriel J.P. Dalalana

Abstructing AOC: Reifying the reactionary rhetoric of patriarchal ideology, Joshua Guitar and Madeline Studebaker

Does the early bird catch the worm? Evidence and interpretation on the long-term impact of school entry age in China, Chuanyi Guo, Xuening Wang, and Chen Meng

Longitudinal Impacts of Religious Profiles on Substance Abuse Among Emerging Adults: A Fusion of Unsupervised and Supervised Learning Approach, Siying Guo, Jianxuan Liu, Chen Meng, and Hyejoon Park

Impact of chemical reaction on the thermal stability of micropolar nanofluid with rough boundaries and passive control on nanoparticles: Neural networking, Vishal Gupta, Puneet Rana, and Lokendra Kumar

Fuzzy style flat-based clustering, Suhang Gu, Fu Lai Chung, and Shitong Wang

Algorithms for Finding Influential People with Mixed Centrality in Social Networks, Koduru Hajarathaiah, Murali Krishna Enduri, Satish Anamalamudi, and Abdur Rashid Sangi

Smart Pedagogy and Advanced Technology Support in Higher Education: A Case From Vietnam, Bui Thi Thuy Hang and Amrita Kaur

Checkout button and online consumer impulse-buying behavior in social commerce: A trust transfer perspective, Min Chung Han

The impact of continuous tightening policies on China’s real estate industry, Tuo Han and Jianing Zhang

“Dancer as collaborator, co-author, co-owner, co-creator: power relations between dancer and choreographer”, Heather Harrington

Political connections of Chinese fund management companies and fund performance, Chao He, Lawrence Kryzanowski, and Yunfei Zhao

A Hybrid Model Based on Multi-LSTM and ARIMA for Time Series Forcasting, Chenxi He

Shakespeare, University Education, and Anti-Racism in Kuwait: ‘A Drop of Water in the Breaking Gulf’, Katherine Hennessey

Having a Disability and Identifying as LGBTQ+: Are Educational Professionals Prepared for this Intersectional Experience?, Joseph A. Hogan

The Best of School Systems, yet Lowest for Inclusion: Does Insufficient General Educator Preparation Make an Impact?, Joseph A. Hogan

Covid-19 corruption in the public health sector - emerging evidence from Bangladesh, Md Moazzem Hossain, Md Mustafizur Rahaman, and Md Jahidur Rahman

Regulatory influence on sustainability reporting: evidence from Murray–Darling Basin Authority in Australia, Md Moazzem Hossain, Tarek Rana, Shamsun Nahar, Md Jahidur Rahman, and Aklema Choudhury Lema

TextFace: Text-to-Style Mapping Based Face Generation and Manipulation, Xianxu Hou, Xiaokang Zhang, Yudong Li, and Linlin Shen

CFAB: An Online Data Augmentation to Alleviate the Spuriousness of Classification on Medical Ultrasound Images, Jianhua Huang, Kuan Huang, Meng Xu, and Feifei Liu

Amelioration of Obesity-Related Disorders in High-Fat Diet-Fed Mice following Fecal Microbiota Transplantation from Inulin-Dosed Mice, Yinli Huang, Na Ying, Qihui Zhao, Junli Chen, Sin Yeang Teow, Wei Dong, Minjie Lin, Lingling Jiang, and Hong Zheng

On the Application Technology of Computer Database System in Information Management, Yongtai Huang, Peiyuan Wang, Hang Wang, and Tong Wu

Gender diversity and financial flexibility: Evidence from China, Jiamin Hu, Kailun Li, Yifei Xia, and Jianing Zhang

Investigating Media Coverage and Public Perceptions of the HPV Vaccine in China – A Content Analysis of Weibo Posts, Junyi Hu, Thomas William Whyke, and Joaquin Lopez-Mugica

Correction to: Investigating Media Coverage and Public Perceptions of the HPV Vaccine in China – A Content Analysis of Weibo Posts (Sexuality & Culture, (2023), 27, 2, (363-388), 10.1007/s12119-022-10017-3), Junyi Hu, Thomas William Whyke, and Joaquin Lopez‑Mugica

Equal gains and pains? Analyzing corporate financial performance for industrial corporate social performance leaders and laggards, Soonchul Hyun, Jong Min Kim, and Ying Liu

K-means clustering algorithms: A comprehensive review, variants analysis, and advances in the era of big data, Abiodun M. Ikotun, Absalom E. Ezugwu, Laith Abualigah, Belal Abuhaija, and Jia Heming

Prolonged activity of the transposase helper may raise safety concerns during DNA transposon-based gene therapy, Gergely Imre, Bertalan Takács, Erik Czipa, Andrea Bakné Drubi, Gábor Jaksa, Dóra Latinovics, Andrea Nagy, Réka Karkas, Liza Hudoba, Bálint Márk Vásárhelyi, Gabriella Pankotai-Bodó, András Blastyák, Zoltán Hegedűs, Péter Germán, Balázs Bálint, Khaldoon Sadiq Ahmed Abdullah, Anna Georgina Kopasz, Anita Kovács, László G. Nagy, Farkas Sükösd, Lajos Pintér, Thomas Rülicke, Endre Barta, István Nagy, Lajos Haracska, and Lajos Mátés

Buy green only: Interplay between green marketing, corporate social responsibility and green purchase intention; the mediating role of green brand image, Riffut Jabeen, Kashif Ullah Khan, Fahad Zain, and Fouzia Atlas

From traditional advertising to digital marketing: exploring electronic word of mouth through a theoretical lens in the hospitality and tourism industry, Amin Jan, Mehmood Khan, Mian M. Ajmal, and Ataul Karim Patwary

Can blockchain technologies enhance environmental sustainable development goals performance in manufacturing firms? Potential mediation of green supply chain management practices, Amin Jan, Anas A. Salameh, Haseeb Ur Rahman, and Mohanad M. Alasiri

Artificial intelligence-based tokens: Fresh evidence of connectedness with artificial intelligence-based equities, Francisco Jareño and Imran Yousaf

Mapping policy agenda in international development: Reflections on OECD Development Centre Working Papers from 1990 to 2017, Bok Gyo Jeong, Seongho An, and Geiguen Shin

What determines governments’ COVID-19 response policies?: examining national level policy and transnational factors, Bok Gyo Jeong, Jung Ah Yun, and Sung Ju Kim

Validation of the Chinese version of the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale: evidence from a three-wave longitudinal study, Chen Jiang, Yihong Zhu, Yi Luo, Chee Seng Tan, Stefanos Mastrotheodoros, Patrício Costa, Li Chen, Lina Guo, Haiyan Ma, and Runtang Meng

The Stock Performance of Green Bond Issuers During COVID-19 Pandemic: The Case of China, Jiongye Jin and Jianing Zhang

3D porous bioceramic based boron-doped hydroxyapatite/baghdadite composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering, Hossein Jodati, Zafer Evis, Ayşen Tezcaner, Ammar Z. Alshemary, and Ali Motameni

Synthesis of baghdadite using modified sol–gel route and investigation of its properties for bone treatment applications, Hossein Jodati, Ayşen Tezcaner, Zafer Evis, Ammar Z. Alshemary, and Erdal Çelik

Mutational analysis of the functional motifs of the DEAD-box RNA helicase Me31B/DDX6 in Drosophila germline development, Evan Kara, Aidan McCambridge, Megan Proffer, Carol Dilts, Brooke Pumnea, John Eshak, Korey A. Smith, Isaac Fielder, Dominique A. Doyle, Bianca M. Ortega, Yousif Mukatash, Noor Malik, Ammaar R. Mohammed, Deep Govani, Matthew G. Niepielko, and Ming Gao

Databases for Drug Discovery and Development, Supratik Kar and Jerzy Leszczynski