Submissions from 2024

Deciphering the role of particulate organic matter in soil nitrogen transformation in rice–rapeseed and rice–wheat rotation systems, Rongyan Bu, Shang Han, Wenlong Cheng, Yue Wu, Shan Tang, Min Li, Hui Wang, Zibing Ge, and Ji Wu

The exploration of neuroinflammatory mechanism by which CRHR2 deficiency induced anxiety disorder, Shuyi Deng, Anqi Guo, Zhengwei Huang, Kaiyu Guan, Ya Zhu, Cheekai Chan, Jianfang Gui, Cai Song, and Xi Li

What is Liberalism? A Mixed-Method Study of Ideology and Representation in Latin American Party Systems, João V. Guedes-Neto

Chemometric Modeling of Emerging Materials for the Removal of Environmental Pollutants, Supratik Kar and Jerzy Leszczynski

Neighborhood garden's age shapes phyllosphere microbiota associated with respiratory diseases in cold seasons, Chang Zhao, Xinxin Liu, Haoxin Tan, Shan Yin, Lantian Su, Baoming Du, Muhammad Khalid, Aki Sinkkonen, and Nan Hui

Submissions from 2023

Examining the Influence of Landscape Patch Shapes on River Water Quality, Mehdi Aalipour, Naicheng Wu, Nicola Fohrer, Yusef Kianpoor Kalkhajeh, and Bahman Jabbarian Amiri

Comprehensive Analysis of Various Big Data Classification Techniques: A Challenging Overview, Hemn Barzan Abdalla and Belal Abuhaija

Symbiosis of Creation, Destruction, and Reinvention, Yasmeen Abdallah

Improved prairie dog optimization algorithm by dwarf mongoose optimization algorithm for optimization problems, Laith Abualigah, Diego Oliva, Heming Jia, Faiza Gul, Nima Khodadadi, Abdelazim G. Hussien, Mohammad Al Shinwan, Absalom E. Ezugwu, Belal Abuhaija, and Raed Abu Zitar

Co-doped zinc oxide nanoparticles embedded in Polyvinylalcohol Hydrogel as solar light derived photocatalyst disinfection and removal of coloured pollutants, Haya A. Abubshait, Muhammad Saad, Shahid Iqbal, Samar A. Abubshait, Ali Bahadur, Muhammad Raheel, Fwzah H. Alshammari, Norah Alwadai, Hamad Alrbyawi, Mohammed A.S. Abourehab, Eslam B. Elkaeed, Muhammad Abdul Qayyum, and H. H. Somaily

A comprehensive study of machine learning for predicting cardiovascular disease using Weka and SPSS tools, Belal Abuhaija, Aladeen Alloubani, Mohammad Almatari, Ghaith M. Jaradat, Hemn Barzan Abdalla, Abdallah Mohd Abualkishik, and Mutasem Khalil Alsmadi

Cannabinoid efficacy for developmental epileptic encephalopathy (DEE) intractable seizure control: A systematic review of the literature, Courtney R. Acker and Rana R. Zeine

Answer to an open problem about stochastic comparison of parallel systems with geometric components, Mahmoud Affouf and Jiantian Wang

In the land of the blind: Exceptional subterranean speciation of cryptic troglobitic spiders of the genus Tegenaria (Araneae: Agelenidae) in Israel, Shlomi Aharon, Jesús A. Ballesteros, Guilherme Gainett, Dror Hawlena, Prashant P. Sharma, and Efrat Gavish-Regev

Fractional order mathematical modeling of novel corona virus (COVID-19), Sahibzada Waseem Ahmad, Muhammad Sarwar, Kamal Shah, Ali Ahmadian, and Soheil Salahshour

Drawings of Complete Multipartite Graphs up to Triangle Flips, Oswin Aichholzer, Man Kwun Chiu, Hung P. Hoang, Michael Hoffmann, Jan Kynčl, Yannic Maus, Birgit Vogtenhuber, and Alexandra Weinberger

Firm investment steering through state-level policy uncertainty, Ahmed W. Alam, Ashupta Farjana, and Reza Houston

State-level economic policy uncertainty (EPU) and firm financial stability: Is there any political insurance?, Ahmed W. Alam, Ashupta Farjana, and Reza Houston

Geopolitical risk and corporate investment: How do politically connected firms respond?, Ahmed W. Alam, Reza Houston, and Ashupta Farjana

Three Forms of Mutant Subsumption: Basic, Strict and Broad, Samia AlBlwi, Imen Marsit, Besma Khaireddine, Amani Ayad, Ji Meng Loh, and Ali Mili

Panel data and descriptor for energy econometrics – an efficiency, resilience and innovation analysis, Luigi Aldieri, Andrea Gatto, and Concetto Paolo Vinci

Energy transition and public behavior in Italy: A structural equation modelling, Amjad Ali, Luca Esposito, and Andrea Gatto

Linear label code of a root lattice using Gröbner bases, Malihe Aliasgari, Daniel Panario, and Mohammad Reza Sadeghi

Dynamic spillovers and portfolio risk management between defi and metals: Empirical evidence from the Covid-19, Shoaib Ali, Muhammad Shahzad Ijaz, and Imran Yousaf

Connectedness and portfolio management between renewable energy tokens and metals: Evidence from TVP-VAR approach, Shoaib Ali, Muhammad Shahzad Ijaz, Imran Yousaf, and Yanshuang Li

Comovements and hedging effectiveness between conventional and Islamic cryptocurrencies: evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic, Shoaib Ali, Imran Yousaf, and Xuan Vinh Vo

Productivity-conditioned market reaction of US Bank acquisitions during regulation-deregulation eras, Jamal Ali Al-Khasawneh, Naceur Essaddam, Salah A. Nusair, and Benito A. Sanchez

Spillovers between positively and negatively affected service sectors from the COVID-19 health crisis: Implications for portfolio management, Nassar S. Al-Nassar, Imran Yousaf, and Beljid Makram

Scalability of IoT Systems: Do Execution Costs Predict the Quality of Service?, Ahmed Al-Qasmi, Huda Al Shuaily, Kennedy E. Ehimwenma, and Safiya Al Sharji

Isotherm and kinetic studies for the adsorption of methylene blue onto a novel Mn3O4-Bi2O3 composite and their antifungal performance, Sameerah I. Al-Saeedi, Asfa Areej, Muhammad Tariq Qamar, Ahmad Alhujaily, Shahid Iqbal, Mohammed T. Alotaibi, Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Abdul Qayyum, Ali Bahadur, Nasser S. Awwad, Yosef Jazaa, and Eslam B. Elkaeed

Microstructure analysis and thermal stability of Mg2+/Sr2+/SO42- ions doped hydroxyapatite bionanomaterials, A. Z. Alshemary, Y. Muhammed, S. Çardakli, and A. B. Marandi

Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Kitchen Vegetable Waste Extract for Application against Poultry Pathogens, Antimicrobial Activity, and Photocatalytic Dye Degradation, Muhammad Amjad, Ayesha Mohyuddin, Mohsin Javed, Ahmad Alhujaily, Shahid Iqbal, Rasmiah S. Almufarij, Wajad Ulfat, Mohammed T. Alotaibi, Sohail Nadeem, Ali Bahadur, Eslam B. Elkaeed, and Abrar Ul Hassan

Thermo-diffusion impact on immiscible flow characteristics of convectively heated vertical two-layered Baffle saturated porous channels in a suspension of nanoparticles: an analytical study, S. P.V. Ananth, B. N. Hanumagowda, S. V.K. Varma, C. S.K. Raju, I. Khan, and P. Rana

Publisher Correction: Significance of nanoparticle radius on EMHD Casson blood-gold nanomaterial flow with non-uniform heat source and Arrhenius kinetics (Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, (2023), 148, 17, (8945-8968), 10.1007/s10973-023-12288-w), Sujesh Areekara, A. S. Sabu, Alphonsa Mathew, K. S. Parvathy, and Puneet Rana

Significance of nanoparticle radius on EMHD Casson blood-gold nanomaterial flow with non-uniform heat source and Arrhenius kinetics, Sujesh Areekara, A. S. Sabu, Alphonsa Mathew, K. S. Parvathy, and Puneet Rana

Return and volatility connectedness between gold and energy markets: Evidence from the pre- and post-COVID vaccination phases, Nadia Arfaoui, Imran Yousaf, and Francisco Jareño

Construction of Te-ZnO@S-g-C3N4Heterojunction Nanocomposites for the Efficient Removal of Methylene Blue, Antifungal Activity, and Adsorption of Cr(VI) Ion, Komal Aroosh, Mohsin Javed, Nadia Hussain, Ahmad Alhujaily, Shahid Iqbal, Mohammed T. Alotaibi, Muhammad Faizan, Muhammad Shuaib Khan, Ali Bahadur, Muhammad Abdul Qayyum, Nasser S. Awwad, Yosef Jazaa, Foziah F. Al-Fawzan, and Eslam B. Elkaeed

Preparation and characterization of mesoporous Lanthanum-doped bioactive glass nanoparticles, A. Z. Ashemary, S. M. Haidary, Y. Muhammed, and S. Çardakli

Is gender diversity is diversity washing or good governance for firm sustainable development goal performance: A scoping review, Mohammad Asif, Parvez Alam Khan, Fatima Irfan, Mohd Salim, Amin Jan, and Mantasha Khan

Long memory in the high frequency cryptocurrency markets using fractal connectivity analysis: The impact of COVID-19, Ata Assaf, Khaled Mokni, Imran Yousaf, and Avishek Bhandari

Optimal lifetime income annuity without bequest: Single and annual premiums, Ebenezer Fiifi Emire Atta Mills and Siegfried Kafui Anyomi

COLLABORATIVE LEARNING IN TERTIARY EDUCATION CLASSROOMS: WHAT DOES IT ENTAIL?, Rosna Awang-Hashim, Norhafezah Yusof, Abderrahim Benlahcene, Amrita Kaur, and S. Kanageswari Suppiah Shanmugam

Psychometric Properties of the Quality of Undergraduate Learning Experiences in Malaysian Universities, Rosna Awang-Hashim, Norhafezah Yusof, S. Kanageswari, Suppiah Shanmugam, Amrita Kaur, and Abderrahim Benlahcene

Returns and volatility spillover between agricultural commodities and emerging stock markets: new evidence from COVID-19 and Russian-Ukrainian war, Maria Babar, Habib Ahmad, and Imran Yousaf

Early Detection of Breast Cancer Using Thermal Images: A Study with Light Weight Deep Learning Models, T. Babu, Seifedine Kadry, Sujatha Krishnamoorthy, Gangadharam Balaji, P. Deno Petrecia, M. Shiva Dharshini, and Venkatesan Rajinikanth

Can Green Investments Increase Your Green? Evidence from Social Hedge Fund Activists, Jonghyuk Bae, Natalya Khimich, Sungsoo Kim, and Emanuel Zur

Performance Attributes of Environmental, Social, and Governance Exchange-Traded Funds, Hasan F. Baklaci, William I.Wei Cheng, and Jianing Zhang

Efficient predictions of cytotoxicity of TiO2-based multi-component nanoparticles using a machine learning-based q-RASAR approach, Arkaprava Banerjee, Supratik Kar, Souvik Pore, and Kunal Roy

Energy security and economic stability: The role of inflation and war, Hasanul Banna, Ashraful Alam, Xihui Haviour Chen, and Ahmed W. Alam

Lucien Hibbert: Mathematician and Statesman, Louis Beaugris

A Distributed Fuzzy Optimal Decision Making Strategy for Task Offloading in Edge Computing Environment, Sasmita Rani Behera, Niranjan Panigrahi, Sourav Kumar Bhoi, Muhammad Bilal, Kshira Sagar Sahoo, and Daehan Kwak

Reform the Pope, Reform the Papacy Cusanus on Correcting Peter’s Successors, Christopher M. Bellitto

Improved lower bound on the on-line chain partitioning of semi-orders with representation, Csaba Biró and Israel R. Curbelo

Improved Lower Bounds on the On-line Chain Partitioning of Posets of Bounded Dimension, Csaba Biró and Israel R. Curbelo

Effects of Therapeutic Intervention on Spatiotemporal Gait Parameters in Adults With Neurologic Disorder: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis, Alka Bishnoi, Meghna Shankar, Rachel Lee, Yang Hu, and Manuel E. Hernandez

Undergraduate school psychology courses: A potential tool for diversifying the field of school psychology?, Joel O. Bocanegra, Sally L. Grapin, Yanchen Zhang, and Aaron A. Gubi

Federal work life programs and generational perception: an exploratory study using evidence from OPM’s work life survey, Lauren Bock Mullins, Jung Ah Yun, and Shilpa Viswanath

Discovery of facultative parthenogenesis in a new world crocodile, Warren Booth, Brenna A. Levine, Joel B. Corush, Mark A. Davis, Quetzal Dwyer, Roel De Plecker, and Gordon W. Schuett

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Liquidity of Chinese Corporate Bonds, Xinyi Cai and Jianing Zhang

Dance Participation during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Experiences of Older Adult Dance Studio Members, Victor M. Camacho, Jennifer Gardner, Jocelyn Lee, Rona M. Baluyut, Sean Patrick Taylor, and Justin Fauder


Erosion and accretion of salt marsh in extremely shallow water stages, Dezhi Chen, Jieping Tang, Fei Xing, Jun Cheng, Mingliang Li, Yiyi Zhang, Benwei Shi, Lianqiang Shi, and Ya Ping Wang

The relationship between IPOs and macroeconomic factors in the Chinese stock market, William Cheng, Mingyan Kong, Anand Krishnamoorthy, and Lane Boyte-Eckis

Intellectual capital and financial performance: evidence from Chinese retail firms, Huanzhe Chen and Md Jahidur Rahman

In search of silver linings in teaching during COVID-19: the perspectives of early childhood teachers in the United States, Jennifer J. Chen

Leadership at Play in Preschool Children: A Systematic Synthesis of Nearly Nine Decades of Research, Jennifer J. Chen

Neoliberalism and neocolonialism in the mix: Evidence of glocalization in the globalization–localization dynamics of early childhood practices in Hong Kong, Jennifer J. Chen

Reflecting on reflection among early childhood teachers: a study of reflection for, in, and on action intersecting with the technical, practical, and critical dimensions, Jennifer J. Chen

Drawing from and Expanding their Toolboxes: Preschool Teachers’ Traditional Strategies, Unconventional Opportunities, and Novel Challenges in Scaffolding Young Children’s Social and Emotional Learning During Remote Instruction Amidst COVID-19, Jennifer J. Chen and Charlene Brotherson Adams

Scaffolding social and emotional learning in preschool children from low-income backgrounds: a study of teacher strategies during COVID-19, Jennifer J. Chen and Haily Badolato

Teaching demands and resources: early childhood teachers’ experiences of remote and hybrid instruction during COVID-19 in the United States, Jennifer J. Chen and Marilynn M. Garcia

Learning gain rather than learning loss during COVID-19: A proposal for reframing the narrative, Jennifer J. Chen and Nora Jane Krieger

Tian Shi (Timing) Di Li (Context) Ren He (Human Capital): A New Theoretical Framework for Analyzing the Implementability of Imported Early Childhood Practices and Making a Case for a Hybrid Model, Jennifer J. Chen and Hui Li

Artificial intelligence as a double-edged sword: Wielding the POWER principles to maximize its positive effects and minimize its negative effects, Jennifer J. Chen and Jasmine C. Lin

Facilitating Children’s Social and Emotional Development in Virtual Preschool Learning: Implications for In-Person Teaching, Jennifer J. Chen and Bryanna O’Donnell

Communicating Digitally: Building Preschool Teacher-Parent Partnerships Via Digital Technologies During COVID-19, Jennifer J. Chen and Dahana E. Rivera-Vernazza

The Performance and Error Analysis of LSTM Model Combined with Various GARCH Models in Stock Forecasting, Junqi Chen, Yingke Yang, Renzhe Zhu, Tianlei Zhu, and Zheng Tao

Research on the impact of equity incentives on the financial performance of new energy enterprises, Keyu Chen, Yaguai Yu, Pengtao Jiang, Hanlu Bao, and Taohan Ni

Research on meteorological temperature prediction based on machine learning, Leyan Chen

A Partition-induced Hereditary Metric for Equivalence Classes - Theory and Application, Ray Ming Chen

A rough-set and AI based approach for hierarchical cognitive processing of perceptions, Ray Ming Chen

The Relationship Between Twitter Sentiment and Stock Performance: A Decision Tree Approach, Rongjuan Chen, Ruoxi Dong, and Yichao Dai

Improve the Accuracy in Numerical Modeling of Suspended Sediment Concentrations in the Hangzhou Bay by Assimilating Remote Sensing Data Utilizing Combined Techniques of Adjoint Data Assimilation and the Penalty Function Method, Wenrui Chen, Daosheng Wang, Xiujuan Liu, Jun Cheng, and Jicai Zhang

Impact of Celebrity, Micro-Celebrity, and Virtual Influencers on Chinese Gen Z’s Purchase Intention Through Social Media, Candy Lim Chiu and Han Chiang Ho

Effectiveness of food traceability system: Chinese consumer food purchase intention during the pandemic, Candy Lim Chiu, Manqi Li, and Jason Lim Chiu

Increasing School Counselor Awareness of Computer Science, Wendy Chi, Patricia Morreale, and Jean Chu

Social Entrepreneurial Intention Change by Gender during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Jeonghwan Choi, Valerie Vaccaro, Sookyoung Lee, Rob Marjerison, Kihwan Kim, and Bok Gyo Jeong

A Systematic Strategic Technology Planning Process for Material and Component Industries With a Sectoral Innovation System View, Yonghee Cho, Seong Pil Yoon, Karp Soo Kim, and Paul Hong

Proposing and Empirically Investigating a Mobile-Based Outpatient Healthcare Service Delivery Framework Using Stimulus-Organism-Response Theory, Muhammad Adnan Zahid Chudhery, Sarah Safdar, Jiazhen Huo, Hakeem Ur Rehman, and Raza Rafique

At the nexus of circular economy, equity crowdfunding and renewable energy sources: Are enterprises from green countries more performant?, Antonella Francesca Cicchiello, Andrea Gatto, and Dario Salerno

Spoiler alert: How narrative film captures attention, Anna Lisa Cohen, Chaim Goldberg, Jonathan Mintz, and Elliot Shavalian

Macrophages in the Glioblastoma Tumor Microenvironment, Salvatore J. Coniglio

Unsaturated Fatty Acids and Their Immunomodulatory Properties, Salvatore Coniglio, Maria Shumskaya, and Evros Vassiliou

Intelligent Optimization Prediction and Application Based on Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, Yiming Cui

Spencer's phenomenological variant of ecological systems theory (PVEST): Charting its origin and impact, Michael Cunningham, Dena Phillips Swanson, Joseph Youngblood, Eleanor K. Seaton, Samantha Francois, and Christopher Ashford

Board Refreshment: Like a Breath of Fresh Air, Bilal Al Dah, Mustafa A. Dah, and Melissa B. Frye

Director categorisation and monitoring efficiency, Samira Abi Dames, Bilal Al-Dah, and Mustafa Dah

Policy semantic networks associated with ICT utilization in Africa, James A. Danowski, Aaron Van Klyton, Juan Fernando Tavera-Mesías, Kevin Duque, Amr Radwan, and Said Rutabayiro-Ngoga

Correction: Policy semantic networks associated with ICT utilization in Africa (Social Network Analysis and Mining, (2023), 13, 1, (73), 10.1007/s13278-023-01068-x), James A. Danowski, Aaron Van Klyton, Juan Fernando Tavera‑Mesías, Kevin Duque, Amr Radwan, and Said Rutabayiro‑Ngoga

Information and communications technology development, interorganizational networks, and public sector corruption in Africa, James Danowski, Aaron van Klyton, Tai Quan Winson Peng, Siyuan Ma, Raphaël Nkakleu, and Altante Désirée Biboum