Submissions from 2023

Enterprise financial risk early-warning method based on data mining, Xiaoying Wang and Zhebin Zhang

WeChat Moments Among International Students: Building Guanxi Networks in China, Xuhui Wang, Mohammad Alauddin, Abaid Ullah Zafar, Qilin Zhang, Tanveer Ahsan, and Zapan Barua

Model comparison of regression, neural networks, and XGBoost as applied to the English Premier League transfer market, Yuchen Wang, Hakan Tarakci, and Victor Prybutok

Chinese calligraphic handwriting practice promotes positive affect in adolescents: Converging evidence from correlational and experimental designs, Zhidong Wang, Liyun Hua, Yanfei Huang, Xueer Deng, Yajun Zhao, Youxing Xiao, and Jingguang Li

Editorial: Advances in estuarine and coastal nitrogen cycle, Jing Wei, Xiyang Dong, Shuting Liu, and Xianbiao Lin

Characterization of oral bacterial and fungal microbiome in recovered COVID-19 patients, Nana Wei, Guangqi Zhu, Tingxiao Zhao, Yan Wang, Haifei Lou, Haoxuan Li, Zhejuan Yang, Zheen Zhang, Qiujing Wang, Mingfang Han, Zhibing Lin, and Shibo Li

Unboxing the Chinese Blind Boxes among China’s grown-up missing children: Probabilistic and elastic prosumption through mediated collection, exchange and resale of figurines, Thomas William Whyke, Zhen Troy Chen, Joaquin Lopez-Mugica, and Aiqing Wang

The Impact of China’s Biopolitical Approach to COVID-19 on Pets, Thomas William Whyke, Joaquin Lopez Mugica, Sadia Jamil, and Aiqing Wang

Best Practices and Programmatic Approaches for Mentoring Educational Leaders, Amanda Wilkerson and Shalander Samuels

Preface, Amanda Wilkerson and Shalander Samuels

Amino acid motifs for the identification of novel protein interactants, Aloysius Wong, Chuyun Bi, Wei Chi, Ningxin Hu, and Chris Gehring

Plant adenylate cyclases have come full circle, Aloysius Wong, Wei Chi, Jia Yu, Chuyun Bi, Xuechen Tian, Yixin Yang, and Chris Gehring

Development and Validation of the Parental Anxiety over a Child’s Education Scale: Evidence from China, Wenting Wu, Amrita Kaur, Qi Liang, Kewei Xu, Sijia Mei, Minjie Ye, and Li Chen

Water quality prediction based on AR and LSTM model, Xinhe Wu

How Do Inequality and George Floyd’s Protests Affect the Vote Shares of Trump?, Yidi Wu and Jianing Zhang

Elementary physical education teachers’ perceptions of socializing agents during the COVID-19 pandemic, James D. Wyant, Edward B. Olsen, Brooke Towner, Adam Keath, Jingyang Huang, Wesley Meeteer, Emi Tsuda, and Lyndsay Burneisen

Redrawing the line: Narrowly beating analyst forecasts and journalists’ co-coverage choices in earnings-related news articles, Jingjing Xia

Media Co-Coverage and Overreaction in Cross-Industry Information Transfers, Jingjing Xia and Rengong Zhang

Stock trend prediction using sentiment analysis, Qianyi Xiao and Baha Ihnaini

The Impact of Rural Homestead Reform on the Willingness of Migrant Populations to Settle down, Hanfang Xu, Zhen Yao, and Jie Yang

A Regional-Attentive Multi-Task Learning Framework for Breast Ultrasound Image Segmentation and Classification, Meng Xu, Kuan Huang, and Xiaojun Qi

Sediment exchange between southern yellow sea and Yangtze river Estuary in response to storm events, Yao Xu, Fei Xing, Jun Cheng, Fan Zhang, Hailun He, Jicai Zhang, Jianjun Jia, and Ya Ping Wang

Preface, Anupam Yadav, Gaurav Gupta, Puneet Rana, and Joong Hoon Kim

Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant: Real-Time Comment Letters and Large M&As in China, Shuo Yang

Are we ready to fight the Nipah virus pandemic? An overview of drug targets, current medications, and potential leads, Siyun Yang and Supratik Kar

Computer-assisted identification of potential quinolone derivatives targeting Nipah virus glycoprotein attachment with human cell surface receptor ephrin-B2: Multistep virtual screening, Siyun Yang and Supratik Kar

SMILES and Quasi-SMILES in QSAR Modeling for Prediction of Physicochemical and Biochemical Properties, Siyun Yang, Supratik Kar, and Jerzy Leszczynski

Tools and software for computer-aided drug design and discovery, Siyun Yang, Supratik Kar, and Jerzy Leszczynski

People Analytics and Human Resource Development – Research Landscape and Future Needs Based on Bibliometrics and Scoping Review, Seung Won Yoon, Seung Hyun Han, and Chungil Chae

Static and dynamic linkages between oil, gold and global equity markets in various crisis episodes: Evidence from the Wavelet TVP-VAR, Ijaz Younis, Waheed Ullah Shah, and Imran Yousaf

Risk transmission between equity market of China and its trading partners: new evidence from various financial crises, Ijaz Younis, Imran Yousaf, Waheed Ullah Shah, and Cheng Longsheng

Connectedness between travel & tourism tokens, tourism equity, and other assets, Imran Yousaf, Afsheen Abrar, and John W. Goodell

Linkages between CBDC and cryptocurrency uncertainties, and digital payment stocks, Imran Yousaf and John W. Goodell

Reputational contagion and the fall of FTX: Examining the response of tokens to the delegitimization of FTT, Imran Yousaf and John W. Goodell

Responses of US equity market sectors to the Silicon Valley Bank implosion, Imran Yousaf and John W. Goodell

Connectedness of non-fungible tokens and conventional cryptocurrencies with metals, Imran Yousaf, Mariya Gubareva, and Tamara Teplova

Multidimensional connectedness among the volatility of global financial markets around the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Imran Yousaf, Ahmed Imran Hunjra, Muneer M. Alshater, Elie Bouri, and Yanshuang Li

Extreme spillovers between insurance tokens and insurance stocks: Evidence from the quantile connectedness approach, Imran Yousaf, Francisco Jareño, and María Isabel Martínez-Serna

Connectedness between Defi assets and equity markets during COVID-19: A sector analysis, Imran Yousaf, Francisco Jareño, and Marta Tolentino

Spillovers and connectedness between Chinese and ASEAN stock markets during bearish and bullish market statuses, Imran Yousaf, Walid Mensi, Xuan Vinh Vo, and Sanghoon Kang

Interconnectedness between healthcare tokens and healthcare stocks: Evidence from a quantile VAR approach, Imran Yousaf, Linh Pham, and John W. Goodell

The connectedness between meme tokens, meme stocks, and other asset classes: Evidence from a quantile connectedness approach, Imran Yousaf, Linh Pham, and John W. Goodell

Hedge and safe-haven properties of FAANA against gold, US Treasury, bitcoin, and US Dollar/CHF during the pandemic period, Imran Yousaf, Vasilios Plakandaras, Elie Bouri, and Rangan Gupta

Connectedness of COVID vaccination with economic policy uncertainty, oil, bonds, and sectoral equity markets: evidence from the US, Imran Yousaf, Saba Qureshi, Fiza Qureshi, and Mariya Gubareva

Energy cryptocurrencies: Assessing connectedness with other asset classes, Imran Yousaf, Yasir Riaz, and John W. Goodell

Integration between asset management tokens, asset management stock, and other financial markets: Evidence from TVP-VAR modeling, Imran Yousaf, Yasir Riaz, and John W. Goodell

The impact of the SVB collapse on global financial markets: Substantial but narrow, Imran Yousaf, Yasir Riaz, and John W. Goodell

What do responses of financial markets to the collapse of FTX say about investor interest in cryptocurrencies? Event-study evidence, Imran Yousaf, Yasir Riaz, and John W. Goodell

Dark personality traits and sensation-seeking tourist behaviors. Is there a link? A preliminary investigation of Chinese tourists, Salman Yousaf, Ying Liu, and Liu Feite

Effects of continuous straw returning on bacterial community structure and enzyme activities in rape-rice soil aggregates, Luhong Yuan, Yue Gao, Ying Mei, Jiaren Liu, Yusef Kianpoor Kalkhajeh, Hongxiang Hu, and Jieying Huang

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Bitcoin Prices, Hansheng Yu and Jianing Zhang

Cash flow risk and the implied cost of equity capital, Huaibing Yu

How Magnetic Composites are Effective Anticancer Therapeutics? A Comprehensive Review of the Literature, Mostafa Yusefi, Kamyar Shameli, Hossein Jahangirian, Sin Yeang Teow, Leili Afsah-Hejri, Siti Nur Amalina Mohamad Sukri, and Kamil Kuča

Chitosan coated magnetic cellulose nanowhisker as a drug delivery system for potential colorectal cancer treatment, Mostafa Yusefi, Kamyar Shameli, Michiele Soon Lee-Kiun, Sin Yeang Teow, Hassan Moeini, Roshafima Rasit Ali, Pooneh Kia, Chia Jing Jie, and Nurul Hidayah Abdullah

Smart Polymeric Nanoparticles in Cancer Immunotherapy, Zhecheng Yu, Xingyue Shen, Han Yu, Haohong Tu, Chuda Chittasupho, and Yunqi Zhao

Forecasting impulsive consumers driven by macro-influencers posts: Intervention of followers' flow state and perceived informativeness, Abaid Ullah Zafar, Mohsin Shahzad, Muhammad Ashfaq, and Khuram Shahzad

Photocatalytic Reduction of Cr(VI) to Cr(III) and Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue and Antifungal Activity of Ag/TiO2 Composites Synthesized via the Template Induced Route, Zunaira Zahid, Abdul Rauf, Mohsin Javed, Ahmad Alhujaily, Shahid Iqbal, Adnan Amjad, Muhammad Arif, Sajjad Hussain, Ali Bahadur, Nasser S. Awwad, Hala A. Ibrahium, Foziah F. Al-Fawzan, and Eslam B. Elkaeed

Location Centric Energy Harvesting Aware Routing Protocol for IoT in Smart Cities, Hassan Zeb, Anwar Ghani, Moneeb Gohar, Abdulrahman Alzahrani, Muhammad Bilal, and Daehan Kwak

Medical cannabis and the effects of cannabinoids on fighting cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson's, and other neurodegenerative diseases, Rana R. Zeine and Brian W. Teasdale

Preface, Rana R. Zeine and Brian W. Teasdale

Measurement and determinants of innovation efficiency and its impact on asset prices – empirical evidence from listed companies in China, Kailin Zeng, Fangyan Li, and Ebenezer Fiifi Emire Atta Mills

The Chemokine Receptor CCR1 Mediates Microglia Stimulated Glioma Invasion, Nazende Zeren, Zobia Afzal, Sara Morgan, Gregory Marshall, Maithrayee Uppiliappan, James Merritt, and Salvatore J. Coniglio

Isolation and Screening of Antagonistic Endophytes against Phytophthora infestans and Preliminary Exploration on Anti-oomycete Mechanism of Bacillus velezensis 6-5, Jiaomei Zhang, Xiaoqing Huang, Yuqin Hou, Xiangning Xia, Zhiming Zhu, Airong Huang, Shun Feng, Peihua Li, Lei Shi, and Pan Dong

HELLS: a novel prognostic marker for patients with different subtypes of cervical cancer, Jiaqi Zhang

The Impact of CEO Educational Background on Corporate Risk-Taking in China, Jinyi Zhang, Chunxiao Xue, and Jianing Zhang

A Study of Real-Time Scheduling Algorithms in Cluster Environment Based on Machine Learning, Ruiyang Zhang, Zehai Liu, Gengchen Tian, Yuhao Lu, and Krishamoorthy Sujatha

Insights into effects of salt stress on the oil-degradation capacity, cell response, and key metabolic pathways of Bacillus sp. YM1 isolated from oily food waste compost, Xia Zhang, Muhammad Khalid, Saiqa Menhas, Yaowei Chi, Xijia Yang, Shaohua Chu, Pei Zhou, and Dan Zhang

Enhancing lettuce growth and rhizosphere microbial community with Bacillus safensis YM1 compost in soilless cultivation: An agricultural approach for kitchen waste utilization, Xia Zhang, Muhammad Khalid, Renyuan Wang, Yaowei Chi, Dan Zhang, Shaohua Chu, Xijia Yang, and Pei Zhou

International students’ collective resilience in crisis: Sense of community reduced anxiety via social contact and social support during lockdown, Xinyi Zhang, Alexander Scott English, Xiaoyuan Li, Yang Yang, Adrian Stanciu, and Wang Shuang

How mask gap impacts discrimination and anxiety during COVID-19: A study on overseas Chinese during the first outbreak in 2020, Xinyi Zhang, Alexander S. English, Steve J. Kulich, and Yuxian Chen

Rice-farming areas report more anxiety across two years of the COVID-19 pandemic in China, Xinyi Zhang, Alexander English, Thomas Talhelm, Benjamin H. Nam, and Liuqing Wei

Single–Molecule Study of DNAzyme Reveals Its Intrinsic Conformational Dynamics, Yiming Zhang, Zongzhou Ji, Xin Wang, Yi Cao, and Hai Pan

Exploring the complex links between childhood exposure to intimate partner violence, maltreatment, and self-regulation: A three-wave cross-lagged study, Ying Zhang, Fei Shen, Jean Paredes, Danielle Lindsay, Qingyang Liu, Nabiha Madre, Alan Penna, and Tatum Morris

Prediction of Stock Price Using LSTM, MA and EMA Models, Zhijin Zhang and Kexin He

Transmission effects of oil prices, Ruble, and Euro in the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war: evidence from the VAR-DCC-GARCH approach, Zhengyang Zhao, Lijie Yu, Zanyu Fang, and Zheng Tao

Agriculture Stimulates Chinese GDP: A Machine Learning Approach, Nan Zhenghan and Omar Dib

PointNorm: Dual Normalization is All You Need for Point Cloud Analysis, Shen Zheng, Jinqian Pan, Changjie Lu, and Gaurav Gupta

Fear During Pandemic Promoted Holistic Cognitive Style: The Moderating Role of Uncertainty, Xiaoyu Zhou, Xiaoyuan Li, Weiguo Wu, Xinyi Zhang, Alexander S. English, and Kaiping Peng

XGBoost and CNN-LSTM hybrid model with Attention-based stock prediction, Renzhe Zhu, Yingke Yang, and Junqi Chen

Implement Deep Neuron Networks on VPipe Parallel System: A ResNet Variant Implementation, Xinrong Zhu

Submissions from 2022

A brief survey on big data: technologies, terminologies and data-intensive applications, Hemn Barzan Abdalla

Rider weed deep residual network-based incremental model for text classification using multidimensional features and MapReduce, Hemn Barzan Abdalla, Awder M. Ahmed, Subhi R.M. Zeebaree, Ahmed Alkhayyat, and Baha Ihnaini

Significance of magnetohydrodynamic Williamson Sutterby nanofluid due to a rotating cone with bioconvection and anisotropic slip, Sohaib Abdal, Imran Siddique, Irfan Saif Ud Din, Ali Ahmadian, Sajjad Hussain, and Mehdi Salimi

A Self-Served AI Tutor for Growth Mindset Teaching, A. Abduljabbar, N. Gupta, L. Healy, Y. Kumar, J. J. Li, and P. Morreale

Inference in Nineteenth-Century British Logic, Francine F. Abeles

Latinx Families’ Experiences Navigating Early Intervention Services for Their Children with Developmental Delays, Katherine Agurto, Rafael Inoa, and Keri Giordano

The Efficacy of Therapeutic DNA Vaccines Expressing the Human Papillomavirus E6 and E7 Oncoproteins for Treatment of Cervical Cancer: Systematic Review, Ayazhan Akhatova, Chee Kai Chan, Azliyati Azizan, and Gulzhanat Aimagambetova

Quantifying the Effectiveness of Mutant Sets, Samia Alblwi, Amani Ayad, Besma Khaireddine, Imen Marsit, and Ali Mili

Is there any room for renewable energy innovation in developing and transition economies? Data envelopment analysis of energy behaviour and resilience data, Luigi Aldieri, Andrea Gatto, and Concetto Paolo Vinci

Current Cybersecurity Challenges of Applying Blockchain in Healthcare, Nahla F. Al Hamad and Jing Chiou Liou

An improved algorithm to minimize the total completion time in a two-machine no-wait flowshop with uncertain setup times, Muberra Allahverdi

Age Is But a Number? An Exploration of Age Differences in Episodic Volunteering, Michal Almog-Bar, Mayrav Ashkenazi-Anor, Sophie E. Hersberger-Langloh, Sara Compion, and Jacqueline Butcher


Globalizing the Field by Learning from Non-English-Based Nonprofit Studies: A Review of South Korean Nonprofit Literature, Seongho An, Bok Gyo Jeong, Mirae Kim, Sung Ju Kim, and Jiwon Suh

A study on nanoliquid flow with irregular heat source and realistic boundary conditions: A modified Buongiorno model for biomedical applications, Sujesh Areekara, Joby Mackolil, B. Mahanthesh, Alphonsa Mathew, and Puneet Rana

(Re)positioning, (re)ordering, (re)connecting: A choreographic process of mind and body convergence, Nadra Assaf and Heather Harrington

A dynamic SBM-DEA and portfolio formation test approach to the operating efficiency-stock returns nexus, Ebenezer Fiifi Emire Atta Mills, Siegfried Anyomi, Mavis Agyapomah Baafi, and Prasad Siba Borah

A hybrid two-stage robustness approach to portfolio construction under uncertainty, Ebenezer Fiifi Emire Atta Mills and Siegfried Kafui Anyomi

An optimized machine learning model for identifying socio-economic, demographic and health-related variables associated with low vaccination levels that vary across ZIP codes in California, George Avirappattu, Alfred Pach, Clarence E. Locklear, and Anthony Q. Briggs

Reflective and integrative learning and the role of instructors and institutions—evidence from Malaysia, Rosna Awang-Hashim, Amrita Kaur, Norhafezah Yusof, S. Kanageswari a/p Suppiah Shanmugam, Nor Aziah Abdul Manaf, Ainol Madziah Zubairi, Angelina Yee Seow Voon, and Marzura Abdul Malek